Our Experience and Pledge to You

With decades of experience in the healthcare delivery system, ElderCare Concierge will help you find your way through this oftentimes complex and complicated system. ElderCare Concierge is a private patient advocate/navigator for all healthcare consumers at varying stages of need.

The goals of ElderCare Concierge are to ease the burden of care coordination; educate the consumer on physicians’ credentials and their specialties.

Mission Statement

ElderCare Concierge provides personalized assistance with navigating the complexities of the healthcare delivery system. We ensure that our clients and their families are efficiently guided through the process of obtaining healthcare with an emphasis on becoming an educated and confident consumer; consequently, limiting the barriers to receiving quality healthcare.

How We Help Families:

  • accompany you to medical appointments or stay by your bedside in the hospital
  • help you learn more about your medical condition and treatment options
  • help you make difficult medical decisions
  • review your prescriptions and medications to be sure there are no conflicts
  • teach you pain management techniques
  • help you develop your end-of-life planning and paperwork like living wills, DNRs or other advance directives
  • help you navigate the insurance maze
  • help you file health insurance claims, dispute denials, and manage or reduce your hospital and medical bills
  • help your family come to agreement on decisions that need to be made for a loved one who needs health-related assistance
  • find legal assistance after a medical error
  • track paperwork and records
  • help you file for social security disability or other assistance
  • many additional services